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ADMIN: The Personal Message system on the board


Several members have asked if it is possible to contact other members of the board via personal message, but as it isn't, this is to explain what the pm system is for.

The personal message system on the board is a one-way only system which only allows moderators, admin and committee to send a message quickly to a member: that might be for a blocked email address,  someone needing help, a notice of moderation, advice of a policy breach, or some other administrative contact. The member will receive notification of a personal message either by email (if not blocked), or by popup when they next visit the board, depending on the settings chosen in the member profile:  Profile > Modify Profile > Personal Message Options or by seeing the New personal messages notice in the top left of the board below the Hello greeting, or by seeing a (number) after My Messages on the blue menu tab above.  To read your personal message/s click either of the last two mentioned links.

To reply to a personal message you will need to use email (unless you are also a mod/admin/committee), either directly to the member using the on-board email system or for Mod/Admin contact replies can be sent to messageadmin (AT) - don't forget to change (AT) to @ and close up the spaces to make this a proper address!

You might be wondering why the board uses pm's in this way, and the answer is simply that pm's on a large board add a significant amount to the server load and increase the size of the database, which can adversely impact on the usage of the board for posting questions and answering them, which is, after all, the primary purpose of the GMB.

If you would like to know how to contact other members by the on-board email system instead, please read our other Help post here on that:,19746.0.html


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