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Neodymium glass paperweight

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Hi all,

Can anyone help me with this really beautiful paperweight which I came into recently - I have a feeling that it is Neodymium glass because of the colour change from pink to sky blue under uv light but I cannot make out the signature.

Does anyone know who made this?  I have enclosed a pic for reference although I apologise that I don't have one of the blue colour (couldn't upload it for some reason).

Many thanks for all help received in advance.

Best wishes


Would love to see a pic of the weight itself. I have a thing for Neo glass as we call it. Terry

Sure, no problem, picture enclosed :-)


Sorry, pic enclosed ;-)

Would you believe I have the same query?  See,40221.msg222599.html#msg222599

I have tried to check if Brian Maytum's Studio made it - but he seems to have gone out of business. 

Oh well two puzzled people in the world!!!!



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