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Another piece for show, 7 inches tall, marked to the base, unusual neck finish ( not cut down )  ;D ;D

Are the unmarked one's seconds? Bought a nice 8.5 inch dia bowl today unmarked but it's got like a white grit fault on the base underneath. It's also got a few sliver chips in it but i only paid 1.50 for it so not bad i guess.

You'd have presumed so, I have a few with flaws and 'bits' that are unmarked I also have pieces in perfect condition that are unmarked so I can only think it depended who was on quality control on that day. Also some 'Studio' range pieces have a label saying 'art glass' others just 'Royal Brierley' those have no marks either, drives me up the wall !  ::) ;D ;D Oh, yours is an 'Azalea' bowl, they come in 7 and 9 inches  ;D ;D

Couple more pieces, 2.75 inches tall in 'decor' pattern....

Charity shop find.

Height 8"
Diameter 8.5"

Weight 1150gm

Signed on base Royal Brierley Studio.



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