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Signed Holmegaard Vase 15391

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Is this a fake Holmegaard vase? It seems too good to be true at the cost of 3.75. There is a tiny fleabite on the rim but it is less than half a millimetre square.

How big is a Fleabite before it becomes a chip?

Any info on age would be much appreciated too. Thanks.  :) < (It always seems as if this emoticon is forcing a smile).

 :D  < (That's better)


--- Quote from: "Tigerchips" ---How big is a Fleabite before it becomes a chip?
--- End quote ---

Tiny on such a piece.

I used to have a vase that shape but am convinced it did not have a ground rim.

I've got two of these - yours looks about right!

Although if it's a fake, then it's a world-wide phenomena:


Thank's, this is the first signed Holmegaard vase that I've seen outside of the media.

That fleabite worries me a bit though. Working in a charity shop I tend to be fairly cautious about fleabites.  :shock:

I laughed at that but I think everybody else may have frowned upon it. Probably thinking to themselves, I'm not buying any more Teddies from him.

Quickly changing the subject, there are quite a few vases out there with this kind of shape.

Before I picked the item up I thought it was Caithness. Of course, the weight was too heavy for that and when I turned it over I saw two Bars of gold light up in my eyes. I don't know where the third Bar went though.  :)

I think the only other signed piece that I had was, um, i've forgotten the name. It might begin with a "Kirk" and it's probably Scottish and the firm definetly makes paperweights. Anyway, it was thick glass and clear with blue wavey lines. Signed on the base "Kirk.... 1979".  :)

It's fast getting so I can hardly move in my place for Holmegaard - signed or otherwise. My army of Caithness glass is waging an unwinable war against it.

It's oddly addictive, once you get started.  :lol:

I'm not sure how much this vase is worth - I picked mine up for under 10 a piece. Condition is really important with this kind of glass, though, because there's no decoration to distract the eye - so it's a shame about the fleabites.


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