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Help with a signature - Kosta ?


Can anyone help wih the signature on this piece ? KOSTA Unica 609 B

I have a very similar piece myself similarly signed, unica 510 (the B is actually an engraved Kosta crown).

Quality and style is very Lindstrand, and 2 with the same signature makes me think that they aren't simple fakes, but I've never seen this type of signature before.

Thoughts anyone ?

Sorry but the signature does not come together. Unica is not a Kosta term; they used U, Unik, Unikat or Unique. "B" is not an Kosta artist abbreviation; the number 609 could only refer to a model number, and if it does it is by definition not a unique piece. Also the signature is scrawled all over the bottom of the piece in stead of neatly needle engraved - so to me it looks as if the guy from Sheppey has been at it again. Maybe you could check it out with Kosta itself?

totally agree with Ivo, also the letter B relates to an Orrefors designer Gunnar Cyren the number dates to 1954

Cheers guys, I've been able to post some links to my piece (with the same dodgy signature !).

This is my first attempt at posting pics, so apologies in advance if I horlicks it up.

It doesn't show well on the pics, but the glass is actually made up of stripes of blue and green, with linear ariel type long bubbles in between.

I tried Kosta re my piece last year, but no response.

What really puzzles me about these two pieces is the quality is up there with Lindstrand, Öhrström and Kaj Franck - I can understand faking it for sub quality stuff, but not this. I'd really like to get my hands on more of this if anyone can figure out who actually made it.

I have to agree about there being a lot of  dubious signatures about on Ebay recently though.


I think both these pieces have been attacked with the engraving pen!

First of all, Kosta did make a series of glass by Vicke Lindstrand called Unica in the fifties. BUT, these were given the initials LU. For Lindstrand Unica. They were not signed "Unica". The numbers on the two pictured vases don't correspond either! Unica pieces had numbers etched from 2004 to 2036. So these two are well out.

Leerdam Glass in Holland also had one off pieces made called  Unica but again these two are no where near the right details for them.

These two do look dodgy! It pays to read as much as you can to avoid buying something worthless. If you are unsure then don't bid or buy!



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