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TECHIE TIPS: Posting an event to the Calendar


If you're organising a glass event, then you can use the board's Calendar to help publicise it. The Calendar interacts with the Glass Events forum, so needs a little explaining of how to make the link work.

Rather than post to the Events forum itself, which then means having to add a manual link to the Calendar, it's easier to follow the steps below and it's all done auto-magically for you!  :thup:

Here's how...

--- Quote ---Posting an Event to the Calendar

To post an event by selecting "Calendar" from the main tabbed menu at the top of the board, followed by "Post Event" from the calendar screen.

What you see now is a "Start new topic" screen with supplementary fields for the event title, date and target board, which simply add your event to the calendar and create a link back to your post in that board.
--- End quote ---

Click the thumbnails below for screenshots showing each step.


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