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French bowl I need some info on

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I got this at an estate sale
It has a small inscription on the bottom that reads "FRANCE  17"

It has a diam of 11.5 inches and height of 2.25 inches

anyone know anything more about it :?:

ARC International, the largest mechanical glass maker in the world. Used to be called Cristal d'Arques - with brand names Arcoroc, Arcuisine, Arcopal. Their glass is developed in their in-house design department which constantly renews the models. Pieces are usually embossed "France", plus number, sometimes only number.

thanks Ivo. So I assume by that it isnt of any real value. I paid very little for it, just thought it was unusual. Guess it isnt huh! :oops: Oh well...always learning! :)

Everybody makes that mistake, well, I did anyway.  :lol:

I would not call it a "mistake"per se. ARC company in Arques has its own glass school, and has the best in-house design team in the business. Their designs set trends, the quality standards are very high and there is not a country in the world they do not export to. You have both recognised the quality - I believe congratulations are in order. Sorry about the money aspect though.  :roll:


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