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Vaseline Vanity Set - Jacobean ? ID = Bernsdorf 'Lady'

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Here is another vanity set.  This one is pale yellow green of what we Americans call vaseline glass. Is this Jacobean? 

Whole set

Close up of the bottles

It glows stongly under UV.  DH saw it sitting on the dining room table in natural sunlight and commented on the strong glow.

I am reasonably sure it is not American. They are not marked in any manner.

Mod: Pics gone but catalogue photo further down thread.

Hi Connie, guess this is the one you announced on the other thread?

Connie - I don't think this is Inwald's Jacobean.

I suggest it is actually Bernsdorf's "Lady" suite.

ps I am not sure, but I think that Walther may also have used this pattern - I'll check and get back to you. Hmmn, can't see it - so stay with Bernsdorf - 1932 catalogue.

Thank you, Pamela.  It is lovely.

Glen - thank you for the information.  I just learned to NOT google Bernsdorf Lady  :shock: I ended up on a German escort service site  :lol:

But by putting in Bernsdork Glass, I found this site

While I can read enough French to understand the gist of a website, my German is very lacking.  :cry: I will spend some quiet time tomorrow just paging through that site and hopefully find the pattern. Even if I don't it will be fun looking  :)

Connie  :oops:  :oops:  :oops:

That is sooo funny - thanks for the giggle. Sorry to send you to an X rated site.

If you can't find an illustration of Lady then I will try and scan some items in for you tomorrow.

I know what you mean about that wonderful vaseline glow. We have some of ours in the bay window and in the twilight, the glow is almost ethereal. Wonderful!



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