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TECHIE TIPS: Why you can't post images into the Cafe forum


This is something which has puzzled a few people recently, so an explanation is in order...

We disallowed images in Cafe as that forum's for non-glass topics, and the pics posted would be about non-glass stuff, e.g. members' cats, dogs, weddings, funny happenings etc...  all of which eats into the server space and bandwidth available for glass pics - which is the primary purpose of the board.

So, as we still like being able to share all those sorts of images we set up a separate album for Cafe topic images on GlassGallery here:

and another for members' moggies, doggies and other pets here:,

and yet a third one for pictures of members, so we know who we're chatting to on the board:,

Feel free to add images to any of these albums as part of your Cafe topics.

To link to the image once you've added them to GlassGallery, you need to copy the URL below the image (the one in the file info section) which will end with a dash and a number... like this:  8)


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