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Rikaro Crystal - Czech

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Anyone know anything about this company ?

Here's a (new production) labelled piece

This website isn't very informative

I'm not sure if its the name of the maker or the name of the importer/ wholesaler.  :roll:

the website says
Double Z Entreprises P/L ( ABN 15 069 626 213 ) trading as

so it is a P/L - an Australian ltd.

Thanks Ivo
I thought so but considered several possibilites, for example that this was the local (Australian) branch campany for distributing the products of a Czech company called Rikaro Sklo or some such .......but it seems not.

I wrote to the company and their response was merely their full name as you showed plus their address.

So they are, yet another re-labeler obscuring the origin of the products they sell, I would guess, to hide their sources from competitors and promote their own "brand"; understandable but short-sighted in my opinion and it seems somehow dishonest yet I doubt they are breaking any law.

If we were talking here about generic glassware for the catering sector - it would be more understandable but it surprises me that a maker of high quality art glass, if indeed it is, would agree to such an arrangement.

I suppose makers have little control over what goes on after they ship their orders and this maker must feel that they have no "brand" to protect. At this rate they never will.  

I note that Double Z Entreprises P/L also carry the Desna line but I can't help but wonder if the Rikaro branded items are indeed from Czechoslovakia .... :roll:

According to Rikaro Crystal.

All our Rikaro Crystal products are handcrafted in the Czech lands of Bohemia and Moravia, using traditional methods of mouth blown, "Free Hand" and hand moulded crystal.

Thanks Della
I do remember reading that somewhere and the flowery language makes me even more suspicious. Maybe I'm just a suspicious guy.


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