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Can anyone identify my little "Sea Urchin" bowl..? ID = S. Reich

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Hi there glitterati of the glass forum!!

Again I have been a-spending on e-bay on unusual eye-catching items and this was my latest acquisition..

Can anyone identify the maker - the trader suggests Sabino or Jobling..
I am certainly NO expert

Can anyone identify..???

Many thanks!!


This is by S. Reich. The pattern appears to have been inspired by the Sabino design 'Les Oursins', a.k.a. 'Algues et Oursins', but with a few differences.

Pamela has an example on her site here:


And here's the Sabino bowl Steven meant - I do not know who was inspired by whom  :-\

That is beautiful Pamela.  :mrgreen:

Hi Pamela,

I'm afraid that's not quite the one I meant... I don't think the second bowl is Sabino, just another similar design. 'Algues et Oursins', the one I meant is shown in Ph. Decelle's Sabino Maitre Verrier de L'Art Deco 1878-1961 Catalogue Raisonne; the catalogue number is different for each size, but the largest one (& the only size illustrated) is 9008 (35cm diameter). Unfortunately I don't have a photo, but a couple of sizes are still being made & can be seen in the current Sabino catalogue here:

As to which came first, I don't know the dates of introduction of either, but the Sabino version certainly appears to have been in production by 1931 as the 1931 price is listed in Decelle.



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