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Does anybody know who designed this extra nice candlestick? The Val St. Lambert website isn't very useful on that front.

Also, anyone any idea when they stopped making the amethyst tinted ones? They only seem to carry plain crystal ones now.

Bit of a sad story attached to this, though.... the dealer said he had the original box for it - but threw it away because it was a bit tatty.  :(  Well, I find that a sad story anyway! Still, was a bit of a bargain at £20, nonetheless.

All help gratefully received.  :)

Please say which "Val St. Lambert website " you are talking about.
ie give web address ...then we will know which one(s) you haven't looked at.

You could also try writing to the company although now that the comany museum is no longer, there may not be anyone there who can answer your question.

This company has not yet been well documented. Finding a piece with a label is, in itself, somethng of a coup.

Sorry, I meant the official website.

They still produce this candlestick (at a huge and hefty price, I have to say!), so they should know who designed it... I'll give it a whirl!

Ok that would have been helpful to know.
I note that designers for most of their current production are named so I would guess that this design is some or even many years old.
The company was closed down for a while (some years I believe) and re-openned in 2003. Hopefully some of the old workers will have returned.

I took a close-up photo of the label for the folk at Val St. Lambert, in case they can quickly tell the age from the logo style (as it is different to their current logo).

Thought I'd post it here too:

I agree, it is very nice to have the original label.... but to have had the original box too would have been just that bit more special!  :cry:   :)


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