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Nic, can we (or you, if you prefer) add your label photo to the gallery please?

Please feel free to use it as you want!  :)

I can hopefully give you the time period over which it was used too if Val St. Lambert get back to me.


I just thought, I have a number of labelled Holmegaard too, with a small array of different logos from over the years (and import labels, etc...) - have just uploaded them to the gallery.

Oops - I made a boo-boo with the info I attached to the Holmegaard export labels and can't find any way of editing it!  :oops:

Thanks for posting the labels, Nic. :)

If you e-mail me with the error and corrections I can edit in admin mode on the labels Gallery. See e-mail button below for address. :)

I added the correct information in a comment on the page after I noticed the error. Feel free to take the information from the comment and then delete it!

I really should pay more attention, but I was at a chum's housewarming party last night and my eyes were a little fuzzy this morning from the aftermath!  :oops:  :lol:


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