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Higgins Fused Glass - How to date?


:D I've searched for Higgins history, and all I've been able to find out is that the signature on the back of my Higgins piece is either early 50's or after 1965.  Would anyone here know where I can find more info, or could date this signature for me?  Thanks!

the signature dont seem right, there usally signed in gold enamel, have a look for "Dearborn glass co" thats who they both worked for


Ray, thanks for looking!  That's what I'm saying - from what I've read, on the Higgins website, the Higgins started out in their own studio, then worked for Dearborn, and then returned to making glass in their own studio after a few years.  The one's signed in gold are from the Dearborn years and the ones with etched signatures are from before and after Dearborn years - I think.  If I've got that right, then how do I tell if my dish is pre-Dearborn years or post-Dearborn years?

It is possible to date a piece of Higgins by the signature. More clearly you can date the time period by the signature.

Example: The glass produced in 1948 almost all were signed with more than one engraved word, such as Frances and Michael Higgins.

1951 almost all pieces issued were simply signed "higgins" (lower case letters) The little dancing man trademark was also sometimes cast into the pieces.

1957-1966: Dearborn Glass and then Haeger Potteries. That glass carried the printed "higgins" signatures, either in gold luster, or incorporated in the colored decorative designs.

Since 1966, work produced at the Riverside studio featured an engraved "higgins" on the reverse side.

Higgins studio signatures have always been "engraved" not Etched. Etching involves acid.

I have a piece that bears only the dancing man and no signature at all. It was missed and has not been engraved.


I just wanted to add...Knowing when the piece was made is great, but the value is based on the pattern. Of course the pieces with the dancing man and engraved signature are worth more because of when then were made and because they were not massed produced. But the rarity of the pattern is where the value goes way up!



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