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Mystery #162

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Another of my friends collection. Any help to ID would be appreciated.
Many thanks
Hil :)

Hi, I opened another box of stuff from the attic yesterday and found this small pot (from Mysteries #162).  Thought I'd send you a couple of photos before it goes on ebay as there's nothing there in pink.  You have my permission to use them if they are of any use to you.

It's 6.5cm dia. and 5.5cm high.

This could possibly be another "Junior Miss" style set, I have 2 of the pots in clear green and they are tiny.

Thank you, I've added this to the mystery album. :)

I noticed that the mystery set 162 has a bunch of different trays shown with it. I have a feeling that the frosted green tray shown above and the one that I am posting are possibly the tray made for this set. ( just due to design, colour and size). Oddly enough the same tray seems to be applied to mystery set 163 as well.  I'm blown away with how small everything is with this set I'm sure that it was only used as either an ornament, or as a child's dress up table set. Although how anything could possibly remain intact after that is the real mystery. Anyways apologies for the poor quality shrunken photos. If you wish to use them for anything, permission granted. :)


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