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Dating Orrefors crystal or glass


Does anyone know of a reference to Orrefors glass & crystal that gives dates for the more common pieces?  The Orrefors Glass book by Duncan gives some details re signature letters and some of the more special glass Ariel, Graal, etc.

Also the book tells you about types of glass:-
Initial followed by letter A for cut glass
Initial followed by letter E for frosted glass
Initial followed by letter U for uncut, smooth glass
Initial followed by letter Z for green iridescent glass

So PA**** refers to a piece designed by Palmquist in cut glass.  But what does P**** refer to?  Does the lack of the glass letter mean that it is crystal?


For dating Orrefors glass you can check out this website:
There's a lot of information with regards to date and designer letters.

The principal reference book is “Ricke Swedish glass factories: Production Catalogues 1915-1960 kosta orrefors“ - occasionally pops up on EBay for C. £100 or so. Has a picture for each of the production items for the period referenced and the signature. Also covers Elme, Eda and Stromberg.


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