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oval plaque with dancing figures on it?

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I saw one of these on EBAY recently..anybody know who made it? it's 12 inches long, 8 inches wide and a 1/2 inch thick..thx...Blair

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No idea, but what a delight!

I've seen something like this before here  :?  I think if I remember correctly the maker is the one who also does that dark green glass.  Sorry to be so vague   :oops:  :roll:

Were you thinking of Desna, Leni. And the dark green glass is, I think, "jade". We saw quite a lot of it in the flea markets in Vienna. I may be totally wrong here, so ignore me if I am  :shock:


It reminds me of the style used by the Czech glassmakers Schlevogt and Hoffmann. Absolutely beautiful!

BTW, The dark green glass referred to earlier is, I believe, known as MALACHITE glass, and was used extensively by Schlevogt and Hoffmann.


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