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Thanks very much KevH for your help... I found a 5th small weight which I will be posting on ebay tonight. From the same auction lot I also have the following pieces, & I'm stuck for IDs again! The catalogue description was 'mainly Scottish paperweights' so I'm not expecting a jackpot lot of 15 top quality paperweights, but any help attributing them would be very welcome!

These remind me of crocuses & I have a trio with Blue (shown), Purple & the third with a Dark Green colour leaf. 3 inchs diameter x 2.5 inches high.

This one has a lovely green core covered in controlled bubbles & is a shade taller & narrower than the crocus pattern

This is smaller ... 2¼" x 2¼" but quite prettyI think...

& this one has a white core with what i'd describe as pockets of trapped air against the surface rather than bubbles. 3" daimeter & 2¼" tall.

All the above have flat polished bases & seem to me to be quite good quality paperweights, but it's a new area for me so expert opinion most welcomed!!

This doesn't seem to have quite the quality of the others - 2" x 2". Also a smaller version 1¼" x 1¼".

Last for now (still got 3 or 4 to photograph & identify!) I have a large paperweight engraved on the base with "SHAKS" it looks like... can anyone shed any light on whether this is a Quality maker or not???

Thanks in advance people!!!


4th one is "Ice Pool" described here

No idea on rest

The blue "crocus" is ... either Strathearn or Perthshire Paperweights and my guess is PP. The Strathearn version was called "Orchid" and the ones I have seen have had the petals somewhat wider and with a number of central "stamen". The Perthshire Paperweights version, which was referred to as a Tulip, seemed to have the petals thinner and more widely spaced and also had just a single central stamen.

The green bubbled weight ... no real idea!

Yellow and white spatter flowers ... probably from India.

Frank has sorted the next one.

Orange flower with thin green petals (are they petals?) ... modern Chinese.

"SHAKS" ... never heard of this one!

Thanks Frank & KevH

Nice website Frank - I'll be back for a proper mooch around when I have time. The 'crocus' is in fact an Orchid & picture-perfect identical to P4 Strathearn. They all have 3 central 'stamen' & looking at my picture it's rather poor!

The green-centred bubbled piece is certainly quality, ut I'll leave that one for now!

As for the Shaks piece, well, here it is. I hate it myself, but that's the trouble with auctions, sometimes it's all or nothing...

Cheers for now & again thanks for helping me out.


Martyn K:
Most likely no longer relavent but...

....the green bubble weight No.2 is a Holmegaard piece.

The SHAKS weight is I belive one of Will Shakspeare's....



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