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signed venini delicate vase can anyone tell me more ?


Can anyone help with information on a delicate venini vast that I have`? It is very like the vase on the title page of Venini's own website, having a narrow neck, a "frilled collar" a round body (fairly flat about an inch deep) and a ribbed round bit onto the flat foot. I apologise for my crazy description but as I am not an expert I have to use lay terms. It is in a pale pinky lilac colour (like very pale cranberry but more lilac in my humble opinion). I do have photographs but don't know how to send them to the forum.
The signature is on the base in three lines I think it is the one used up until 1966.
If anyone can give me any information on this vase I would be most grateful.

The vase is about 29.5cm high, and the body is about 13cm across.
Many thanks,
medeasdaughter AT

The item looks legit. I believe the design is by Vittorio Zecchin between 1921 and 1925, the signature dates from the 1950-ies. It is either from the Veronese or from the Trasparenti series. The "Veronese" vase appears in the painting l'Annunciazione" by Paolo Veronese and was adopted as the Venini logo.

Thanks Ivo, I will investigate further. It should be legit as belonged to aunt and have several nice pieces from the fifties and sixties. Can you tell me what the correct name for the colour is?
Have tried to find a picture of the painting but so far no luck.
Regards, Fran


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