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Can you please tell me a little more about the RD project as I may be able to add some more pictures for you, I have a large collection of clear pressed glass most with RD numbers. I have many pictures stored on photobucket which are registered designs but would be larger pictures, not sure if you can reduce them.

In the future any RD number items I have will send pictures for you of both item and number.

Also some times I buy pieces which are registered but unable to decipher are they of any interest, only last week I bought a small Sowerby vase with date lozenge which I have not seen before.

Are you going to add pictures of designs which are not registered


Hi Roy, the idea is to have images of every glass registered design (as we can find examples) along with details of the design registrant and date - it's a *huge* task I know but as a collaborative project it can be done.

I started by adding pics of my RD numbered pieces to the GlassGallery and begging pics off others and it's growing slowly. I'd welcome any pics with their numbers and/or lozenges though, thank you. I can resize them easily and add them to the album. 

At some point we'll create a proper searchable database for the images, once we've inputted all the name/date data, and then connect that up to the images, so the whole thing will become a standalone unit (free to use as is GG/GMB of course.)

David E:
I have been following the ideals of this project and can contribute a few of the more stranger items - bottles, etc., if these are of interest. When I get time I will photo and submit them. Some I need help with as the moulding is very indistinct.

But I'm glad you emphasised the sheer scale of this project, Anne, because it truly is vast. Something, perhaps, that will always be missing a large number of items though? Also worth bearing in mind that some designs may never have been produced, just registered, while others might have been subject to legal disputes as well.

Always worth checking old glassware as well - I found one Reg. no. on the inside of a vase recently!

77341 Edward Moore & Co 25-Jul-87 (source:

Spectacular clear pressed glass vase and I was very pleased to get it.

David thank you. Yes it's a huge idea and we'll probably not manage to get every design, but even if we can do the most common ones it's a start, and it can grow over time. It's certainly not a start it now and finish by Xmas jobbie, is it? :)

David E:
I've uploaded two that were immediately to hand. Anne, could you edit the title of RD77341 to RD 77341 otherwise it's out of sync. Thanks.

Project completion date: 20??  :-\


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