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Help with signature on flygsfors


On a Flygsfors vase there is this signature, does anyone know more?
It looks like Maler os Fu but there is an accent over the a and the o. The a could also possibly be an o. I couldn't find anything on it in Google. Unfortunately the vase has clouded so probably worthless, but still a nice piece.
Thanks for your help, Fran

That's not Flygsfors, it is Maleras!

Thanks Ivo, but both names are on the vase.
Does this mean whoever made it was working in Maleras and Flygsfors? Or did Maleras add the name Flygsfors as it was better known at the time?
I can't find much on Maleras as almost all the available websites have concentrated on Mats Jonasson and the history of the glassworks as from the 1980s.
Does anyone know of a website with earlier history of the Maleras glassworks?

Thank You, Fran

I have posted 2 photos of the signatures here

the code word to access them is:   glass1

Problem solved: Flygsfors bought Maleras in 1965, and sold it on to Royal Krona in 1974 - the same year they were themselves acquired by Orrefors and shut down. At least it allows a time frame for your item. I had honestly never seen the names in conjunction before....


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