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Is This a Lalique Piece? ID = Desna

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Does anyone know if in fact this is Lalique and if so, what can you tell me about it (name, when it was made, or where I can search to find out)?  Supposedly it is signed on the bottom, but some attached the base to it and I don't want to pry it off to see if it is actually signed.See picture below:

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Hi Ginny,
IMHO it is Riedel Polaun for Curt Schlevogt Gablonz ca. 1939

The model is said to have been
Eleon von Rommel

produced for Schlevogt's 'Ingrid' collection

Ingrid Schlevogt, daughter of Curt S. lives in Paris

Hello Pamela, thank you for your response.  So you think this is Riedel and not Lalique and the artist is Curt Schlevogt Gablonz in 1939?  Do you have any idea of the value of this, it is quite large.  Thanks, Ginny

after reading again and better, I have to correct myself as follows and sorry for my mistakes in English:
Curt Schlevogt was grandfather of Ingrid
Henry Schlevogt father of Ingrid
the artist was Eleon von Rommel

your statue should be 29 cms high?

read more googling DESNA GLASS SCHLEVOGT

maybe also this one is still produced, sorry no valueing from my side

good luck and happy new year!


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