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Painted crackle glass pitcher

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I have a painted crackle glass vase that is the color of the tall vase attached, but the shape of the blue one attached.  The painting is similar, water birds and flowers.  I sense it is not an inexpensive piece, my Aunt got it as a wedding present in the early 1900's.  Any idea of value?  Interest?

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I wonder if this might be Moser, as the Great Glass photo page shows a similar vase, but with fish in weeds.

But as for value I'm afraid that I have no idea.


What is "the Great Glass photo page"?

Are ALL the members of this list in Europe (or out of the U.S.)?

Hi Karen, here is the link to the Moser vases on the site, its near the bottom, number 7444. You can also use this link to visit the rest of the site if you select the "Home Page" tab at the top of the page.

Hope this helps,



--- Quote from: "KarenGriffinSac" ---Are ALL the members of this list in Europe (or out of the U.S.)?
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Many, but not all Karen. Welcome to the board.  :D


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