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Venini information


All of the Pezzato work were acid stamped signed not hand etched.

The colour combinations for all of the Pezzato:

Arlecchino: occasional white or opaque green and red patches

Parigi (Paris): red, green, blue and clear

Americano: green, eggplant (appears black), yellow, clear

[Variation] Americano: blue, eggplant (appears black), yellow, clear

Stockholm: rose (pink), aquamarine (blue), grape (deep purple- appears almost black) mole gray

Venezia: rose (pink), aquamarine (blue), mole gray, clear (a lighter version of Stockholm)

Istanbul: yellow, purple, dark gray and clear

[Variation] Istanbul: rose, eggplant, yellow, purple, dark gray and clear

Asia: dark purple (appears black) turquoise, mole gray, clear

Not all venini pezattos have acid etched signatures. Venini is currently making pezattos, and using their current engraved signatures which include year of production.  you can see the new editions on Venini's website.



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