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I Had To Buy This, but don't have a clue.ID = Oberglas, Austria


Hello everyone. I'm back after Christmas. I hope you all had a good one and I wish you all a Happy and Glasserous New Year.

So I just had to have this vase and it sits well with my Finnish glass but don't have a clue about it.  It is 8.75" tall. Can anyone help?  Thanks, Pat.

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Oh, I've seen several of these on eBay just recently - but none with attributions besides the usual "Rare Whitefriars - WOW!" nonsense...

Well yes I know 'cos I bought it off ebay knowing it was not Whitefriars but it cried out to me. It makes me so mad when people just list things as Whitefriars all the time. If you don't know what it is either research it or say you don't know.

Anne E.B.:
Hi Pat and seasonal greetings to you too :P -

This vase was covered extensively in the following link,1598.0.html

I still have the two vases in question and have continued to see them described as Riihimaki.

Regards - Anne E.B. :wink:

Thanks for that Anne. I just love my vase. Don't really care where it came from in terms of liking it but would be nice to know anyway.


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