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Invitation to announce Glass Events here


Angela B:
You are invited to use this forum to tell people about current and forthcoming glass fairs, glass exhibitions, other glass-related events and glass auction sales (but not on-line auctions nor glass for sale as there is the Glass Market Place Forum for those).

Please post details such as the dates, venue, and description of the event.
Help us to make this a really good source of information about Glass Events around the world.

Please limit your text to the basic description and details.


Subject format should be:
Country - Event Name - Date/s

To try and improve the functionality of the Events forum, we've changed the way it works slightly, so that all events posted here should now appear in the Calendar (see link on top tab menu) - to do this you'll need to fill in the extra details at the top of the form when you post a new Event.

Existing events will be added to the Calendar over the next few days as time permits.

To keep Events focused, another change is that replies will no longer be possible in the Events forum except by the original poster who can add or update their Event listing, as can Moderators on request.  Discussions about Events can of course be posted into the Cafe, where you will still be able to ask who will be going, make arrangements to meet up, discuss the event afterwards and so on.

We hope the new style forum will help everyone organising events as a better way of publicising them on the board. (If anyone gets stuck posting in the new style forum please do ask us for help.)


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