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Glass Made Transparent by Tiny Esveld


I've just read Glass Made Transparent by Tiny Esveld.

The tone is appropriate, it's easy to read and the photos are wonderful. The premise, that one can be unaware of retouched: cut, ground and in some cases re-set - pieces lurking in one's art glass collection, is of course a bit sobering.

I bought it as an e-book, so of course getting it right away is a plus.  I had a bit of trouble with the delivery, but the provider was extremely helpful, got back to me right away and resolved the issue; excellent customer service.

My only problem was with the way the production showed up on-screen, if I'm expressing this correctly.  I couldn't strike the right balance between text size and page view, so sometimes the text I was reading didn't go with the picture I was viewing, and since I didn't have hard copy, I've no idea what the setup was intended to be. Of course, that could be my choice of reader or my own lack of skill.

Back to the book itself:  it's very well written and I enjoyed it.  Let's just hope I don't find fakes and doctored pieces in my collection.

There is a .pdf preview of this book (full title: Glass Made Transparent, A practical guide to French art glass by Gallé, Daum and Schneider) at:

tiny esveld:
On youtube there is a small video introducing Glass made transparent


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