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My Skrdlovice collection is growing nicely :)
Very different styles, but I think they are both great designs...

1. rose/green coloured, organic shaped vase, 23 cm high; I think designed by Emanuel Beranek 1959/60?

2. huge (28cm high and VERY heavy) vase by Jaroslav Svoboda, PN 6975/28

Thanks for looking!

Anik R:
I especially like the first piece...  very nice Michael.  How many items do you now have in your growing Skrdlovice collection?  (Just whisper the answer -- no need to make the whole world jealous.  :))

Thanks, Anik!
My Skrdlovice collection is 12 items, but that is only a minor part of my Czech glass collection :wsh:



It is Emanuel Beranek 1959, PN 59124. A lovely piece. The Jaroslav Svoboda vase is also very nice, I think in the largest size too. A significant series of vases for him during his time at Skrdlovice, as you probably know, he used frequently used cobalt blue to dramatic effect and still does today at his Svoboda Karlov glassworks. I hope you find some more Skrdlovice on your travels!

Robert (bOBA)

Hi Michael,
my Skrdlovice collection has 300 pieces and is still growing



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