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Anik, good idea -- should we ask a mod to close this thread?
Then we can start another one like "OUR Skrdlovice collections are growing nicely..." ;D

And yes, I wish I would have found the vase -- the colours would show much nicer in a taller piece...


Anik R:
Michael, with your amazing luck in finding Czech glass, I'm sure a matching vase is only weeks away. :)

P.S.  I've notified a moderator.

I reckon you two should put together a display of your present collections and post them in the "Themed" Collections for us all to admire.  I rarely see Czech glass in Melbourne and when I do it is usually more of the same.  I would love to see the effect of a grouped display of your respective collections.


Mod: This topic has been locked as requested by Rocco & Anik.

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