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Thank you, Robert and Jindrich!

The Svoboda vase is actually much more impressive in reality -- due to its sheer size and the marvellous technique of the floating blue disks in the thick glass :)

And I love the whole Beranek 1959 range the first vase is from.
Anik, I just realized you have the short brother of this vase! (in the classic blue and green Skrdlovice colours)

Jindrich, 300 pieces :o


Anik R:
My Skrdlovice collection is a little sad compared to other people's...  I've got a total of 7 pieces (6 designed in the 50s, 1 from the 70s).  I've also got a little 8,5cm green ball vase which is very 50s Skrdlovice style, but no match for it in the catalogues:

That hasn't stopped me from labeling it as Skrdlovice though...  a girl can always dream and hope.

My collection will grow by 1 next week...  I'm expecting the arrival of a lovely Emanuel Beranek basket/vase designed in 1959 -- in the lovely colours of blue and green.  ;D

Think positive Anik, as soon as you will purchase 1 piece more your collection will grow about 12 percent. For the same growing I need to purchase 40 pieces :-)


Jindrich:  I've got every confidence you'll have those 40 pieces by the end of the month. In other words, I'm very jealous. Two very nice additions, Michael. A classy collection you have there.


Anik R:
Ah Jindrich, I love the way you think.  ;D


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