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Caithness Stardust 97/500

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I am trying to get a valuation of Caithness Stardust 97/500
It is in mint condition
Has is original presentation case and certificate of authenticity



Hi.  Most Caithness paperweights now trade at 20% to 40% of issue price - sometimes less.  Stardust issued at £20.00, so I would be surprised if it could be sold for more than £10.00.


Thanks for the reply Alan
Seen this one sell for £120 on Ebay no case and no certificate
It's the reason I am asking the question

Would never consider selling it as it was a gift from my mother my father ( Both passed )

Just curious


I'm gobsmacked! I have sold 40 Caithness of similar vintage and issue value over the last year or so, and not one got anywhere near that sort of price.  I guess it just shows that if you ask a high price to start with, just once in a while the fish will wasn't even a contest between two keen bidders.


There are two aspects - the first one already mentioned by Alan: a fairly high start price - and someone just wanting that particular weight. If the start price had been lower, there is a fair chance of also a single bid only .... and the weight would have gone for less.

"Most Caithness paperweights now trade at 20% to 40% of issue price - sometimes less" is not quite true for the first few Caithness years, I believe. What certainly is correct is that most weights sell for less than 50% of the "Charlton price". Now - for more recent weights Charlton price and issue price usually don't differ (at least not by much) - so Alan's statement will apply. For early weights, however, they sometimes differ a lot (one has to be careful, though: Charlton includes a fair number of typos!): Stardust is valued in Charlton as £ 250 ... so the £ 120 are just within the "below 50% range".

BTW - in Jan 2008 the same weight sold on ebay for £ 85.


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