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Carnival fruit bowl and plate.


I thought I would ask for help with these pieces now, please.

Fruit bowl. I love the simplicity of this pattern. It is nearly 10" wide and almost 3" high.

I have 4 of these side plates, they are 6" wide.

As always, I bow to your knowledge. :shock:

Hi again Della - I don't reconise the first bowl - I'll have to do some hunting.

The second one (the 4 plates) is a Brockwitz pattern, called "Koh-i-noor". It was given a name prior to the discovery of the catalogs, and so it is also known as "Miniature Hobnail". I am not aware of plates known in the pattern (yet) - again you have struck a first.  :lol:


Thanks Glen yet again,  :P

No wonder I couldn't find them then.

The photo's are for your use should you wish?
I can send them to you if you like.


I shall keep hunting for a name for the pattern on the bowl.

P.S. Should I post the pics of the last 3 things that I have?

Hi again Della - we do show the Miniature Hobnail pattern in "Century" but in the form of a catalog illustration. In our third book ("The Art of...etc etc) we have a photo of our blue, lidded biscuit jar in the Miniature Hobnail design. It's the only example I know of (currently).

One thing that I find really interesting about this pattern is that the two motifs (the hobnail and the fan) are not consistently used throughout the pattern suite. Only the hobnail is always present. The little fan shapes are not! That's not an unusual characteristic for Brockwitz - they liked to "play around" with their patterns. I think it shows how confident they were with their designs. It has a kind of flamboyance, I feel. (You can tell, perhaps, that I admire Brockwitz glass).

My sincere thanks for allowing me to use your photos - I would very much like to do so. The ones you have just posted are perfect. They'll do a treat! Thank you. I'll try and add your new finds this week (been a bit rushed lately  :roll: wish there was more time).



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