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Info Request Peter Goss Australian Studio Glass Artist

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Hi All,

Hoping someone can help me try to find out a little bit more information on Peter Goss, who I understand is an Australian studio glass artist.

I recently purchased a piece of studio glass blown by Peter Goss, I was initially drawn to it as it had clear influences of some of Sam Herman's work. From looking at the Alumni listings for the Jam Factory, I see Peter Goss was there from 1975-1977 and at the same time from 1974 to 1977 I also see that Sam Herrman was a creative director at the Jam Factory.

Whilst the piece I purchased is dated 1989 and signed by Peter Goss, it has clear influences of Sam Herman's designs which I suspect came about from their time at the Jam Factory in the 1970s. I also have an earlier piece that was blown by Sam Herman in London, which also has very strong resemblances to the newly acquired piece by Peter Goss.

I will pop some pictures up when the item arrives in the post, however, in the mean time if anyone has any further info on Peter Goss, I would be extremely interested to hear.

Thanks in advance.




Cathy B:
Sam Herman set up the Jam Factory hot glass studio in Adelaide in 1974, and Peter Goss was one of his first apprentices, along with Rob Knottenbelt, Tom Persson and John Walsh. (Ross (ahmreck) identified a few gorgeous John Walsh pieces for me). So yes, it's understandable that Peter Goss would have been influenced by Sam Herman. Goss is very collectable in Australia.

This is all I know. Ross will probably come along to answer more fully.

Greg for many years Peter was a leading light in the glass community out here.  The following article by another leading light Stephen Skillitzi (written in 1999) will give you some background.

Can't seem to findout anything of him later than that article's mention.  Many artists have to stop blowing from old age or other problems such as heavy metal poisoning, or the glass gets too heavy for them, and they then go on to a later career.  For instance Colin Heaney has gone on to designing fabulous silk fabrics.

I have two items by Peter (a) a small jug marked AM & Goss which makes me suspect it was made with Alex Mitrovic at a glass conference perhaps to demonstrate particular techniques in the early days of Australian art glass, & (b) a small jug showing several techniques and very typical of what shows up on Ebay from time to time.


Thanks Cathy and Ross.

The Stephen Skillitzi article is extremely interesting, I came across it the other day, gives a good insight into the early days at the Jam Factory and Australian studio glass as a whole. I did come across another article which mentioned that Peter Goss moved to Australia to train at the Jam Factory in the early 70s, I must admit that I initially thought that Peter was Australian to be honest.

I've also had difficultly finding out information on Peter's later career after leaving the Jam Factory. I had wondered if Peter Goss had gone on to establish his own glass studio after leaving the Jam Factory, it seem there's fairly limited information available. I did see a piece dated 1988 which was exhibited at the 'Forth National Studio Glass Exhibition' in Australia. The piece I purchased is dated 1989, so it does seem to indicate that Peter was still producing work at this time, although not sure how prolific he was at this point. Link below of the piece exhibited at the 'Forth National Studio Glass Exhibition' which I gather is in the Craft Australia National Historic Collection:

Thanks for the images Ross, I pop up a few pictures of my piece when it arrives in the post, all being well!

Thanks again for both your thoughts.


Please find a few pictures of my new piece by Peter Goss which arrived this morning.

Signed to the base 'Peter Goss 89'  and the words 'digital No 139'



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