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Well, well!  Thanks for that, Chris.  I was visiting the steel works next door about twenty years ago and looked down on the old office block.  I thought it was being demolished at the time so have never made any attempt to see it since.  My office window is just not visible, ground floor front, left hand end.

It was very much Art Deco, although I had never heard the term when I was there (when was the name coined?).  I had invented the term "Late Odeon Period" for my own use!

I was always a little sad at the money which had been spent on the office when the factory was in desperate need of maintenance.  However, Sowerbys offices were very basic and they were the first to fail!!

I've just Googled East Street (Sowerbys).  I think just off camera to the left is (or was a few years ago) Mecca Bingo.  Sadly, that building and its car park are all that is left of Sowerbys.

Adam D.

I'd forgotten the pan facility.  Pan left anf there is Mecca, nee Sowerbys!!

Adam D.

Angela B:
Wow, that is so amazing. Presumably there are other glassworks whose factories and offices we could learn a bit about by using Google if the buildings are still there and people can identify them. We'll keep this thread in the archive when it ends.

Adam D said:
--- Quote ---It was very much Art Deco, although I had never heard the term when I was there (when was the name coined?).
--- End quote ---

Wikipedia (always right!) gives:
--- Quote ---... the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes ... ... The terms Style Moderne and Art Deco both derive from the exposition's title, ... though Art Deco was not widely used until popularized by art historian Bevis Hillier's 1968 book Art Deco of the 20s and 30s.
--- End quote ---

David E:
Further to Chris Stewart's earlier posting about viewing the old Davidson building in Google Maps Street View, using the 'Send' feature of Google maps I have retrieved the full URL:

Ropery Rd, Dunston, Wickham and Dunston, Gateshead NE8 2, UK

Perhaps this thread can be expanded to include a few more? There is an earlier topic where various glassworks are identified on Google Maps, but not using direct links to Street View. Note that after copying and pasting the URL, you will need to remove the '<' and '>' marks to make the link work on GMB.

Another is the iconic Chance Brothers 7-storey building (currently being converted), as viewed from the M5:

Search results for "spon lane"

A strange one, dating back c.1662! Leith Citadel, the home of Pape's first glassworks in Leith, near Edinburgh (as mentioned in a certain book). Nope, not the large building on the right, but the rather forelorn, cut-down building behind the tree and yellow container! Such care taken for an ancient monument  >:(

Search results for "leith citadel"

Any more?


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