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Looking for links to information or info on BAG Vsetin Barovier e Toso company

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flying free:
please - I've found some info on Jindrich's site but only a little.
From my understanding they set up in 1993? and closed in 2008/2009?
I've found some named designers involved but just wondered a little more about the history of this company.
Many thanks for any info
m  :sun:

Hi M,

Couple of snippets of info in amongst the attached links, have to wade through some of the less relevant bits...

flying free:
Thank you!!!! :sun:
I'll distill what I find and put something here I be chewed over and ratified or not as the case may be.
I've struggled to find info and pictures of any glass produced there.  I've found some limited pieces, but apart from Jindrich's catalogue not many.  Mind you I've yet to go through the CGR's, so that may throw up some new pics.

I spoke to them at length in 2000. As soon as the wall  came down in 1993 Barovier set up a company to produce serial glass in the Czech republic. These are not unique pieces, but larger series under the BAG label as production i  Italy had become too pricey. I have seen the full range there and then but i was not impressed. Some years aftr that I saw their products marketed in Italy - but never anywhere else.

flying free:
Thank you Ivo.  I've read as many old threads on the board as possible and found some of the info and guessed reading between the lines, as much.  So from what you've said were the designers involved, the Czech designers I have read about? Did  they design the ranges and then BAG produced them in large numbers and Barovier marketed/sold them in Italy? 
I've one piece hopefully on it's way and which I think is gorgeous.  I had researched as above and guessing as much as you've commented, so I bought knowingly somewhat.  I am interested in finding out more about it, but if I'm honest, I've looked at the other pieces and I can't see I'll be rushing to add to it as I couldn't see anything else that took my fancy.  That said, I've not really managed to find that many images. 
Thanks again.


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