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Looking for links to information or info on BAG Vsetin Barovier e Toso company

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Thank my plumber if i hadnt got his bill i may have bid on it , nice piece . Enjoy  :hiclp:


Just to clarify, the link to my blog shows a paperweight not a vase. Here's a link to the other items I have from BAG:

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Thanks Emil  :sun:  I like the paperweight - it's fun.
JP thankfully my plumber did not arrive until this morning otherwise I would not have bid on it either  - not sure whether that is good or bad :-\

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Just to summarise before I lose the information entirely (can't now log in to the first link that Greg gave to GS and failed to print it off :grrr:)
- I believe it stated on that link that GS built the BAG site in 1990 and sold it in 1993 (please correct me if anyone else can log in)
- The next link from The Prague Post says that BAG was established in 1992 and states the following:
"In contrast to old glassworks that keep up traditional designs and production methods stands the newly built Bohemia Art Glass (BAG) glassworks near Vsetin. BAG was established in 1992 and contracted some very talented glass designers of the "new glassmakers" generation. Admirers of funky shapes, crazy colors and unusual details of glasses, fruit bowls, vases, candle holders and pitchers should not miss a tour to this cradle of untraditional beauty. Located close to the Slovak border in the Wallachian part of central Moravia, the BAG factory was built on a green meadow in the middle of nowhere, but lacks the typical sign of a glassworks a tall chimney."
- a link on the GMB from 29 April 2009  here,26140.msg144169.html#msg144169
says that BAG was started up by founders including Jiri Suhajek, in 1992 and in that link of 2009 states ‘…the company stopped trading some years ago…’.

The Great Glass site gives a list of designers for BAG here
listed under Bohemia Art Glass (BAG)
At whatever date that information was put on the Great Glass site it goes onto say BAG are  'nowadays producing mainly for Barovier e Toso’.
Designers listed including
Jirí  uhájek, Vladimír Jelínek, Vratislav  otola,  Rony Plesl, František Urban

I've seen a couple of bases from some of the pieces including the one I bought and I think they are handmarked with the word ' Design' and then the name of the designer for the piece (again open to correction but that is how it appears to me).  I'm hoping mine is designed by Jiri Suhajek but I could be wrong.

Hi m
The only other info. I have is:

In 1991 it was also undertook the construction of the B.A.G. glass factory that manufactured art glass.

That same year(1992), operation of the B.A.G. glass factory in Vsetin, Czech Republic started with 80 employees and a capacity of 2 - 3 tons of melted glass per day. The six full electric pot furnaces that were installed and developed by the Glass Service specialists showed to be very effective in energy consumption, glass quality and durability. This electric pot furnace new product is still in demand and successfully sold by the GS Engineering Group.

In 1995, GS sold the B.A.G glass factory to fully focus on its present day technological and research programs.

If you want a copy of the full document I can post it or send you an email.

Two other links about the registration of the trademark give more (CONFLICTING?) details about the dates of B.A.G.’s export beginnings and end (from 1993 - 1996)
These registration details are for US export requirements and show a history of the trademark.

The other document I saw was about the Barovier&Toso Czech Republic s.r.o..

It states the product range and gives opening hours, addresses, contact persons and a web address that leads to a ‘moving’ dead end. There they still have refernce to B.A.G. in the webadresses etc.

Kevin G


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