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Looking for links to information or info on BAG Vsetin Barovier e Toso company

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Hi m
I located a book. Probably rare.

Title   Bohemia art glass, Vsetín
Author   Bohemia Art Glass (Firm)

Publisher   B.A.G. spol., 1992
Length   60 pages
Subjects   Glass art
Glass artists


It seems there is a copy in the US at the Corning Glass Museum in The Juliette K. and Leonard S. Rakow Research Library (The Rakow Research Library)
Corning, NY 14830 United States

My apologies to all as well for Carlo Mollino rather than Carlo Moretti.
And another apology for the vase rather than a paperweight to Emil.
Emil has a fabulous web-site.

regargs Kev G

flying free:
Thanks Kev
In fact I loved the reference to Carlo Mollina - it seemed to me there was a similarity in the dichotomy of design, a 'large solid' base or body with 'spindly/delicate' attachments  :)
I had a quick google for books and under a google link to Leslie Pina's 20th Century Factury Glass there was this snippet of information -
'Bohemia Art Qlass Bohemia Art Glass (BAG) is a major new Czech factory which was established at Vsetin in East Moravia in April 1992. Originally an offshoot of Glass Service. a specialist research and engineering firm. it received ...'  - and there it peters out.
Does anyone own this book and is there any more info than this in the book maybe please?

So three sources seemingly state that BAG as an operation was started in 1992.  The end date is less precise at the moment.
Edited to add - from the source The Legend of Bohemian Glass by Antonin Langhamer
In a small excerpt from google books I found the following stated:  '.....In 1998 the glassworks was sold to the Italian firm Barovier & Toso'.  Unfortunately, this date doesn't tie in with the information Ivo was given from talking to BAG in 2000.
It also states in that paragraph that the company was founded in 1992 by Glass Service but gives the additional information that this was along with the Deza Corporation which later became it's sole owner.
link to excerpts from that book here  - it has amazing pictures!
Kev, thanks for the kind offer to send the information, but actually I just thought I'd start a thread for BAG because the information seemed so scant and diverse when I was searching and since it is no longer in existance, information may become harder to find as time goes on.


flying free:
It's arrived  :rah: and it's delicious.  Beautifully made, impeccably done neat polished pontil mark under the label and I'm sure the signature reads 'Design J Suhajek' - one very happy person here  :sun:

Hi m! Congratulations on the new Jirí Šuhájek jug!
Kev G. :smg:

I did business with B.A.G several years ago. We visited the factory a few time in Vsetin the last time was in 2001 at that time they were owned by Barovier &Toso. It was very interesting to watch the glass being mouth blown and formed. I have several pieces. Glasses, and a few vases, and bowls. Some designed by Rony Plesl, Petra Adamcova, Jaroslav Mynar, and B.A.G. most pieces are signed. We fell in love with their glass when we purchased it in Prague in early 2000.     


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