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Looking for links to information or info on BAG Vsetin Barovier e Toso company

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These are some of the pictures we took while visiting B.A.G. in Vsetin in 2001. Notice some of the tools they used, they looked very primitive just like the art of blowing glass. It was extremely hot on the production floor. It was an amazing to watch.

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Hi, yes I received the pictures and was able to open them. Thank you very much and also for the pictures you have posted here - it's great to add some images to the thread  :sun: 
The information in the brochure confirms that Barovier and Toso acquired the majority of BAG in 1998.
It also says that Jiri Suhajek was the first 'creative personality' at BAG and his glassware 'Lighthouse' won the National Designer Prize in 1994.
Many thanks again.

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My vase is pictured on one of the pages Robert kindly sent over and the name of the range is 'Eden'.  Thank you to Robert for finding this topic and providing such detailed information.  It is much appreciated.
I wonder if this topic could be moved to the Czech board when the mods have time please  :sun:  Many thanks.

Keep it up.

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Welcome to the board :sun:


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