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Looking for links to information or info on BAG Vsetin Barovier e Toso company

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Hi flying free.

I had a look around and found that "Vsetin Hand Made Bohemia Art Glass Vase" will get you some hits on these vases.
In my opinion, There's an interesting vase at

There's reference to the factory being wound down in 2003 according to the CV of their export manager Ing. MIROSLAVA JAKUBOVÁ:

"Po té působila rok ve vsetínské sklárně BAG (Barovier&Toso Czech Republic, s.r.o.) jako manažerka exportu. Po uzavření sklárny byla v letech 2003 - 8 zaměstnána ve firmě Glass Service, a.s., Vsetín jako koordinátorka marketingu."

There's also mention of "Barovier&Toso Czech Republic s.r.o." but the link from that site seems to lead nowhere now:

Kevin Gummer

flying free:
Thanks Kevin. I do quite like that piece and actually I had spotted a rather nice vase in amongst this picture, the rocket shaped one with the prunts on the join, which I do like a lot.
I think they fit in quite well aesthetically with the Alessi and Philippe Starck designs of that period as well  :sun:
 The piece I've bought (which will hopefully arrive safely and undamaged) is quite funky, so I was looking for the more outlandish pieces I think.  It isn't in this set of pictures from Jindrich so I was searching to try and find other designs.

Links to whole catalogue on Jindrich's site (thank you Jindrich :)  )here

Thanks for the images and thanks to Jindra.
I agree with your thoughts about the look. I'm also reminded of Carlo Mollino.
I also found some images of Rony Plesl's work for BAG (just 5) @

Kevin G

This may be of interest to the thread   completed listing ebay no 250878421408 finished aug 31   a couple of days ago .

flying free:
It's the one I bought JP  :girlcheer: - I was going to post pics when it arrived (which I will, so they remain on here rather than disappearing) but in fact those pics are good for now.


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