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Is Anyone Familiar With Loren Chapman Art Glass? Two Blue Carnival Tumblers

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I purchased these two beautiful cobalt blue carnival sheen tumblers at an auction. Has anyone ever heard of the artist?

Thank you

These are lustred, not carnival, I don't think. Carnival glass is (as far as I know) exclusively pressed glass and these are hot worked - so probably Studio Glass.

Where on the planet are you? Often location is a good starting place for a search.

She is based in Laguna Beach, California, no web site, phone     (949) 497-8832

So not Julie Chapman, then, in Scotland?

I can't make out the first name with any certainty.

The first name is Loren.

Thanks for the info about her in California.

I am in Alabama USA

Thank you for the information about luster and carnival. I am new to this and don't know much.

You are all great  :sun:



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