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Deep Blue Candlestick and Ring tree.

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Thanks Rosie, as you said Anne will probably notice it next time she's online. :)

I'm still baffled by this one, Jayne!


--- Quote from: Anne on November 26, 2019, 10:49:36 PM ---I'm still baffled by this one, Jayne!

--- End quote ---

Me too Anne, but I just noticed the candlestick is very much like the one in Mystery Set #64 although I can't tell from the set photos if the stick has the same flower shaped top.

The blue mystery set is t'other Anne's. I'll drop her a line and ask her to look in. :)

I have come across a pale pink set with the exact same design tray, pots and candlesticks as the other Anne's Mystery Set 64, a ring tree and candlesticks the same as mine above, so I can conclude my 2 deep turquoise pieces above are the same design as Mystery no #64.


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