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corrections and further at least 150 have been uploaded  :lol:


Thank you so much, Pamela! I'm sure I speak for everybody here when I say we're very, very happy you found the board - your postings are delightful and your museum is a joy and a most wonderful asset for everybody. :D

Under Miscellaneous and unknown, there are 3 sets of salts, pink, blue and amber, pictures are under some lemon squeezers. They look like Davidson to me. I have 2 in clear glass - they've always been in use in my family. I saw them in the Victoria and Albert museum in London, which was where I identified them.

I sure second that sentiment!

Your website is not just the best glass eye candy I have ever found Pamela, but it has also become a valuable resource of reference to me and the folks who post on my forum too!

BTW, did you get my email yesterday  :)  If not, check that spam box! :wink:


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