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TECHIE TIPS: Searching the board using Google


If the board's own search function doesn't find a result you think should be there, there is another option available...  if you want to search the board using Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo, you can!   8)

Either go to your search engine of choice and do this, or use the search box in your browser header:
in the search box type followed by a space then your search string, e.g.
--- Code: vase
--- End code ---
and Google will find you all the mentions of the search string across just like a normal search result.

Depending on which search engine you use there will be a different number of results - due to the oddities of the engines' search algorithms, I suppose...
e.g. a search for vase on Google brought back around 8,000 results, whilst on Bing it gave 6,360 results, meanwhile DuckDuckGo just shows the results without telling you how many it has found!

I've not tested this on other search engines, if anyone else has done so and would like to share the experience please let me know below. :)


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