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This is something I've been meaning to post for a while as an ID request.  I think I might have just found the answer while researching something else.

A range of glass vases + bowls with multicoloured swirls:

Some links to ebay items from this range in different colours:

If you look at all the pics + links, and get a feel for the glass, would you agree that they are all the same make as this one with a label?

If so, then they are all by Kamei Glass, of Osaka, Japan.

More examples? Possibly,39612.msg219403.html,36487.0.html

They do seem to have the same kind of look about them don't they?  I can't find much info about Kamei Glass online, but I did find this page about one of their designers, Kazuyo Hashimoto, although it looks like she was only there for two years:

They are not very well documented I concur.  The amber vase is definitely Kamei - and identical on in another colur with label appeared on the local Ebay.  The red/blue vase I assume is also Kamei because the patterns of triangles and the base are identical to the amber vase.


Interesting range so far, looks like they could give Chribska a run for their money!

Here's a labelled vase + bowl set, apparently 1950's:


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