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A note for those who use my website - I've just given it a major overhaul (and added new information) - the main aim being to provide a comprehensive Index that will enable visitors to browse and find information easily.

As the research articles have been added over time, I began to see that it was becoming hard to locate specific information unless one knew which article to go to.

I have now added a two layer Index. There's a broader category level, with live links to the articles - plus a more detailed layer where you can see which articles will give you information on specific glass makers etc. There is also a detailed pattern listing.

If you can't find what you are looking for, email me (link on the site).


It's great Glen, well done and a BIG thumbs up.  :D  :D

I am expecting another lidded dish tomorrow or Wednesday, as yet I have not been able to find the pattern. So......I will probably be calling on you, again for help.  :oops:

First class Glen.

Many thanks Della and Frank. I am really grateful to you for your opinions.

Della - I'm always ready to help - I just hope I know the answer.  :shock:

Thanks again


Superb :!: What a delight  :D

Clean, tidy, uncluttered, easy to navigate.

Just one observation ... I imagine the links in the Full Index by Manufacturer and Pattern will be included a later date.

Oh, and I do miss one thing ... the cheery, smiling image of the author. :P


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