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Australian markings and signitures on art glass, different artists

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Hi all
I found this earlier today and thought some of you may be interested. Its a video of different pieces including signitures and labels of Australian artists, Most of which are identified on the video
They have more paperweight/glass related video's here
Here is a link to their paperweight website. Some really nice pieces on there

What a wonderful resouce Michelle,  thank you do much....I will stash it with my 'Most Useful' glass information.

Hope you are all well, and have a Wonderful Christmas.
Rosie. :)

Ive had a chat with Steve, the chap who made it and he has registered on here just waiting to be activated, so looking forward to greeting him on here.
I am well thanks Rosie, hope you are too
all the best and merry christmas to everyone  :ru:

Cathy B:
Cool to see the weights from Bernard Stonor there. I've got a couple of Stonor goblets. One is gorgeous, iridescent and delicate, and the other is, for me, at the other end of the aesthetic scale. But that's a personal reaction.

flying free:
and I absolutely love the Martini pieces  that appear now and then on the board - they are gorgeous.


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