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Pamela? Glen? Anyone know about this Dresser Set?

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Hi :)

remember I posted a photo of a pressed green satin glass tray in the thread re the Walther Glas "Mary" candlesticks?

Well, I just bought a complete dresser set that has the same tray!
The seller seemed to believe it was Walther "Flora" ???
But I dont see that on Pamela's site and the only Walther Flora I found on eBay looked somewhat different

Any and all help greatly appreciated in IDing this

Mod: Links dead

look what Martin offers as Flora  Mod: Link dead

I haven't got any of both - so sad I cannot contribute presently  :?
but diving into and digging - you may rest assured  :wink:

Martin's powder pot without doubt is PRISMEN

Martin's whole set is PRISMEN I believe  8)

so still digging for your Flora  :wink:

digged a lot, Cheri! unfortunately no finding  :cry:
who says it is definitely 'old world'?
could it be US too? another marriage?
I should be prepared to search further for the boxes, but the candlestick holders seem too strange I'm afraid  :roll:  :?  :(
Is it possible you supply more photos of the boxes, separately bowls and lid please? bases? Thank you Cheri - and I shall not resign then  :wink:


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