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Are these Venetian glass


Hi, I bought these glasses from a friend a couple of days ago, they belonged to his late mother who kept them in her cabinet for years apparently, my friend says his mother was told they were venetian glass.
they are a nice green,10" tall and are gilded and have applied flowers on both sides and are painted, he let me have the pair for £10 was that a bargain?

   Many Thanks


Almost certainly Italian, in a technique known as "Terzo Fuoco" - because it has to be fired three times: once for annealing the glass, once for fixing the gilding and once for the enameling. It requires very careful control of the oven temperature.  I said "almost" because there are a number of manufacturers in Bohemia who use the same technique and your picture is a little out of focus.
To get a better picture, check the minimum focal distance of your camera (probably 3 ft/ 1 meter). If you zoom in, use a tripod. More light  :idea: helps to reduce shutter opening. Best results are obtained outside.

Ivo, many thanks for the very useful information!! as to the quality of the photo's I'm afraid thats out of my control! as I'm partially sighted my daughter Jodie does them with her inexpensive digital camera, so any suggestion from anyone as to how to improve quality would be appreciated. Also does anyone know how much these glasses might worth??


       John :D

you have not overpaid - but as there is no collectors' market for TF glass to drive the price I doubt if it will go much higher .


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