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Skrdlovice collectors thread, part II

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If nobody else wants to start part 2, I will have to. ;D

One more Stahlikova PN 54108, another nice colourway.
Plus a "group" shot.

Thanks for looking,

P.S.: Anik, can you show that interesting cylindrical vase with protrusions? Is it a Zertova design? :mrgreen:

Anik R:
Oooo, a part II Skrdlovice thread. Michael your vase pair is a nice start!

The vase I think you are referring to is a J. Zertova, designed in 1968.  It is one of my very favourite pieces from my collection.  (I'm currently bidding on a green one which I do hope to win.)

Forgive me, but my photos are smallish and a bit blurred.  I've been fighting with my camera. There are too many buttons and too little space in my head to know what I'm doing. Sigh.

Very nice both of you.  I've only added a very modest little ribbon vase to Skrdlovice lately. Can't quite compete with you two. I did get a good Suhajek with an Exbor label, though. Of course, I wouldn't sully this thread by putting it here.


Anik, the Zertova piece is very good -- I have never seen it before (apart from the catalogues), and I didn't know it was made in coloured cased glass... I hope you get the green one! :)

David, I checked out your gallery -- the Suhajek piece is great as well.
Did you manage to aquire that nice little opaque Stahlikova vase which was on the board some time ago?


Michael, if it's the cut piece you're thinking of, then, no.



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