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Skrdlovice collectors thread, part II

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Lovely early Beranek collection, Anik! (I am particularly fond of the blue vase and the fish).
And good to see you back :)

I have a few things to add to our long thread, too, but no time to take decent pics...


Anik R:
Thank you, Sue and Michael.  :) 

Hi Anik

I have a blue Zertova 2805 just under 18cm
Don't know if this is allowed but it might be for sale
Apologies if this is not etiquette but can you offer to buy and sell on this forum?


Hi All

I wondered if you would like to comment on my Vizner pattern 7532
I think it is a rare colour?
And my latest Vizner purchase pattern 7601


Anik R:
Hi Bertie...   no, you can't post an item for sale in this thread, but you can post items in the "Glass Market Place" section.

The Zertova is lovely, as are the Vizners.  I wouldn't call the 7532 a 'rarer' color, but I would describe it as very desirable. :)

Really great pieces. The 7601 is fantastic!



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